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December 3 2020

Tag: Palestinian Terrorism

Netherlands Cuts Aid to Palestinian Authority Over Terrorist Salaries

The Dutch government has cut funding for the Palestinian Authority over its salaries to terrorists serving time in Israeli jails. The aid ministry announced the move Wednesday during annual budget talks.

Israel kills powerful Islamic Jihad commander al-Ata in targeted strike

The Israel Defense Forces killed a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad terror group responsible for the firing dozens of rockets out of the Gaza Strip, authorities said early Tuesday.

‘Her Whole Body Shook’: Photo of 5-year-old Cowering Amid Rockets goes...

A photo of a five-year-old girl from Sderot cowering on the floor of her home as rockets rained down on her community went viral over the weekend, signifying to many the lasting trauma that years of repeated rocket barrages have done to innocents living near the border.

UN Rebukes Hamas for Planning to Risk Children’s Lives at Gaza...

“I am concerned that the demonstrations’ organizers have branded tomorrow’s protests as 'Our Child Martyrs,'" UN humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories Jamie McGoldrick said.