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Saturday, February 27, 2021
Tags Missiles

Tag: Missiles

Israel’s Aerospace Industries Completes Successful Tests with Missile System – LORA

IAI completes 2 successful missile launches from the water, striking both of the designated floating targets with Long-Range Artillery Weapon System

US warship seizes Iranian-designed missiles in the Arabian Sea

"The weapons seized include 150 'Dehlavieh' anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), which are Iranian-manufactured copies of Russian Kornet ATGMs," the statement said.

Iran Sending Missiles to Yemen to Attack Israel, Netanyahu Warns

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns United States Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that Iran is continuing their aggression in the Middle East; Netanyahu warns that Tehran is now moving missiles to Yemen, enhancing their chances of attacking Israel, Mnuchin reveals intents to further sanction Iran.

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Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court Says California Can’t Prohibit In-Person Worship

The Supreme Court on Feb. 26 told California’s Canta Clara County that it may not enforce a ban on indoor religious services in response to the CCP virus pandemic. Earlier...

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Vaccine Passport

Vaccine Passports & The Mark – Freedoms With Conditions

In 2020 it was “no mask, no service.” In 2021 it’s looking to become “no vaccine, no service.” Eventually, it will be “no mark, no service.”