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Friday, March 5, 2021
Tags Iran Nuclear Deal

Tag: Iran Nuclear Deal

Netanyahu: Israel Didn’t Return To The Land To Allow ‘Delusional’ Iran To End Jewish ‘Revival’

Netanyahu: “2,500 years ago, another Persian villain tried to destroy the Jewish people & just as he failed then, so too will you fail today"

Iran Ending Snap Inspections Is ‘Dangerous,’ France, Germany, UK Say

Iran’s decision to block snap inspections by the IAEA is dangerous and a violation of the Iran deal, the European countries said Tuesday.

Netanyahu: ‘Our Position on Nuclear Deal Hasn’t Changed’; Warns US Return Would Pave Way To Nuclear Weapons

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Friday that a US return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal would pave Iran’s path to nuclear weapons.

IAEA: Iran Producing Uranium Metal

Iran has followed through on its intention to produce uranium metal, which can be used to make the core of an atom bomb.

Iran Asks IAEA Not To Publish ‘Unnecessary’ Details About Nuclear Program

Iran urges International Atomic Energy Agency, UN's nuclear watchdog, to avoid publishing "unnecessary" details on Tehran's nuclear program

Netanyahu Cautions Biden of the Dangers of Returning to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Amid the Biden admin’s intention to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Netanyahu issued a serious warning considering Iran’s nuclear agenda.

Iran’s Rouhani Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will ‘Bow’ to Tehran, Lift Sanctions

Rouhani: I have no doubt that the national resistance of Iran is going to compel the future US gov't to bow… and the sanctions will be broken

Netanyahu: Unchecked Iran Will Target US, Europe With Nuclear-Tipped ICBM

"If unchecked, Iran tomorrow will arm itself with nuclear-tipped ICBMs that can target Europe and America, and it will become a global bully"

Head Of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Assassinated Near Tehran

A military adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei accused Israel of trying to provoke "a full-blown" war by killing Fakhrizadeh.

Iran’s Enriched Uranium Surpasses Twelve Times the Limit Set in the 2015 JCPOA

An investigation by the UN’s nuclear watchdog has revealed that the Iranians are enriching uranium at an unprecedented rate

Iran Combats Resolution Put Forth That Would Require them to Allow the IAEA Access to Potential Nuclear Sites

Iran is vowing to take drastic measures if this new resolution allows the IAEA to access two controversial sites that they’ve restricted to date;

Iran’s Enriched Uranium Inventory Now Five Times Beyond the 2015 Nuclear Deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported on Tuesday that Iran obtains five times more enriched uranium than the limit that was set in the 2015 Nuclear Deal

Rouhani says Iran Enriching more Uranium than before Nuclear Deal

Islamic Republic president says his government working to prevent confrontation or war; dialogue with world powers difficult but ‘possible’.

Trump Says he ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ if Iran agrees to Negotiate with US

US President Donald Trump said Sunday he does not care if Iran agrees to negotiate with the United States after a senior adviser earlier suggested the Islamic Republic would have no choice but to agree to talks.

Trump Addresses Nation following Attack: Peace, stability cannot prevail in the Mid-East while Iran continues violence, hatred & war

Pres. Trump addresses nation following Iran missiles targeting US Troops; Announcing sanctions, calling on world leaders & calling out prev. administration.

Trump says Iran ‘will never have a Nuclear Weapon’ after Tehran claims it will un-restrict its nuclear program

Pres. Trump on Monday to warn Iran that it will never develop a nuclear strike capacity, says Iran's it will no longer restrict its nuclear program.

UN says Iran Amassing Heavy Water in Fresh Breach of Nuclear Deal

Iran has passed another milestone in violating the nuclear deal signed with world powers in 2015, the UN’s atomic watchdog said, according to a report.

Iran’s Rouhani Breaks Silence, Vows to Inject Uranium Gas Into 1000 Centrifuges

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claims that Iran will now begin to inject uranium gas into over 1,000 centrifuges, stepping further away from the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA); Injection process to begin Wednesday.

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