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Friday, March 5, 2021
Tags Discrimination

Tag: Discrimination

Amazon Continues to Discriminate Against Religious Conservative Groups

Amazon has doubled down on its efforts to exclude conservative nonprofits from its charity donation program AmazonSmile based on recommendations from SPLC.

UPS ‘Punishes Drivers’ For Holding Prayer Meetings

A Christian group has slammed UPS for discriminating against employees’ religious freedom for voluntarily praying together before work.

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case of Nurse Who Claims University Discriminated Against Her For Being Pro-Life

A federal judge rejected Indiana University motion to dismiss case of a nurse who was allegedly turned down a full-time position because of pro-life views.

Columbia Faces Anti-Semitism Complaint Under Trump Order

A federal complaint has been filed against Columbia University accusing the school of anti-Semitic discrimination.

Actress Sues After Bible Verse Post On Facebook caused her to be Dropped and Fired

Christian star intends to take theatre and former agents to court for breach of contract and religious discrimination

Christian Parents in Pakistan Give Children Islamic Names to Avoid Targeting

A bishop in Pakistan has said that Christian parents in the country are resorting to giving their children Islamic names to protect them from bullying and abuse at school.

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