Laurie Cardoza-Moore Exposes Anti-American Content in School Textbooks on Fox & Friends

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, talks on Fox & Friends with Pete Hegseth about the history-twisting propaganda in US textbooks and how it poses a major danger to our nation’s children and national security.

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Host – Pete Hegseth: President Trump issuing a scathing assessment of education in America, tweeting this:

“Too many universities and school systems are about radical left indoctrination, not education. Therefore, I am telling the treasury department to re-examine their tax-exempt status…”

Pete Hegseth: Our next guest has been sounding the alarm on anti-American sentiment in U.S. history textbooks for nearly a decade, which is one of the reasons why she homeschooled all five of her children. Joining me now is founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, Laurie Cordoza Moore.

Laurie, thank you so much for being on the program this morning. I was very heartened to see what the President tweeted because we know universities have been left-wing indoctrination camps for decades. But what we often miss, is the curriculum in the textbooks, even in our high schools and middle schools. You’ve done some homework, I’m going to put up quotes from textbooks that you found and then get your reaction.

Here’s one, a U.S. history textbook on the constitution this from Mcgraw-hill Education 2019 in schools across America:

“… the constitution implicitly endorsed the unequal and discriminatory treatment of african Americans.”

Pete Hegseth: Is that what the constitution endorsed?

Laurie: No, absolutely not Pete. This is the problem and this is what we’ve been trying to highlight for the last decade. This really came in through common core, this propaganda, the constitution does not and did not endorse slavery. It didn’t even mention slavery. But this propaganda is taught to our children. No longer do we even teach our children about the founding of our country. We don’t tell our kids the story about the puritans, the sacrifices that they made. We don’t talk about the American revolution anymore. We don’t talk about heim solomon who helped to bankroll the American Revolution with George Washington.

Now, we start reconstruction and when you started the civil war, the darkest time in our history, it is no surprise that we see chaos erupting in our communities. This is an outrage. It poses the greatest national security threat, to our constitutional republic. And as Americans, not just parents, this is not just a parent issue, if you don’t have children in the school you still have a dog in this fight because this is all about our constitution and can we preserve it for future generations?

Pete Hegseth: Absolutely, and you’ve got scores of these examples. I’ll just do one more, we don’t have enough time to get to all of them. Here you spoke of the civil war, let’s talk about the republican party, they get into politics:

“Republican party: A new political party created in 1854 that was dedicated to stopping the spread of slavery in any place in the nation where it did not exist.”

Pete Hegseth: This from Pearson [textbook]. Was it about stopping the spread or was the Republican Party an anti-slavery party?

Laurie: The Republican Party was opposed to slavery. It was the Democrats, who were members of the KKK. It was Robert Byrd, we remember him a famous congressman who was a member of the KKK. It was not the republican party. Lincoln was a member of the Republican party. He set out to abolish slavery. So yes, this again is disinformation. If you listen to the children, if you listen to the comments made by these kids in the streets of our cities with the chaos, you can hear the propaganda that is promoted to them.

Pete Hegseth: And if you look at these sources that you have at Pearson, Mcgraw-hill, these are prominent mainstream textbooks, in government schools across the country. We’ve got to go, we don’t have time but the way they describe Trump, the way they describe Ronald Reagan, it would knock your socks off. Thank you for the work I’d love to have you back to do an even longer segment about this, we appreciate it.