October 18, 2021
Monday, October 18, 2021


A Country And A World We No Longer Recognize: David Fiorazo & Chris Quintana

David Fiorazo, Chris Quintana

David Fiorazo and Chris Quintana discuss the drastic but gradual changes in America over the last several decades and how Orwell’s 1984 is no longer fiction. Many of us barely recognize the country we grew up in. We discuss Afghanistan, media propaganda, communist policy, new research showing only 6% of Americans have a biblical worldview, and Democrat celebrities comparing Christians to the Taliban.

Pastor Chris Quintana of Old Path Ministries made his move to Texas. He is the former senior pastor at Calvary Chapel of Cypress, California. Chris has a great love for teaching God’s Word, for Bible prophecy, discernment issues and applying a Christian worldview to current events.

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