April 8 2020


Prince Charles, 71, Heir to British Throne, Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Prince’s Clarence House office said Wed. that the 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland.

Spanish Army Finds Bodies of Abandoned Coronavirus Victims in Nursing Homes

Spanish army disinfecting nursing homes found some residents living in squalor among the infectious bodies of people who died from the coronavirus.

Church Leaders in England, Italy Call for National Day of Prayer Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Church leaders in England, Italy have called Christians to participate in a National Day of Prayer Sunday March 22 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer Allow those Over 60 Access to Respiratory Machines

Israeli medical doctor told Israeli television that in northern Italy the instructions are to not allow those over 60 access to respiratory machines.

After Triggering Migrant Crisis 2.0, Turkey Closes European Border… Because of Coronavirus

Nearly a month after opening the gates to Europe, the Turkish government has closed the border due to the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

European Union Accuses Russia of Starting Misinformation Campaign

The European Union is accusing the Kremlin of starting a misinformation campaign regarding the effects of the coronavirus throughout Europe

EU Likely to Implement 30-Day Travel Ban in Attempt to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron announces a 30-day suspension on travel to the European Union (EU) in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19

Border Crisis: European Union Says Greece Must Let Migrants Claim Asylum

EU calls Greece to allow migrants asylum, despite its support for efforts to prevent Turkey from facilitating wave of illegal migration into Greece

Europe Becomes the Epicenter of Coronavirus Outbreaks, Passing China

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that Europe has become the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreaks, passing even the number of China.

Pro-Life Swedish Midwife Loses Appeal at EU Human Rights Court

A Swedish midwife blacklisted in her home country for refusing to assist in abortions has lost a lengthy legal battle at the European Court of Human Rights.

Trump Suspends All Travel from Europe to US Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump administration will suspend travel between European and the United States for 30 days as the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.

EU Pours Millions into Greece to Act as Border ‘Shield’ Against Escalating Migrant Crisis

EU pours hundreds of millions of euros into Greece as a “shield” against fresh migrant flows that could foreshadow a migrant crisis similar to that of 2015

Denmark: 62 Percent of Young Somali Migrants Convicted by Age 30

Over half of all of the young migrant men from Somalia, Lebanon, and Morocco living in Denmark have been convicted of at least 1 crime before the age of 30.

Greece Claims Turkey Arms Migrants with Tear Gas, Sends Freed Prisoners to Border

Greek government releases video confirming Turkish authorities are ferrying illegal migrants to borders, arming them & using coast guard to escort by sea

Franklin Graham: Everyone is Welcome – A Response to LGBTQ Opposition to Upcoming UK Tour

“We believe God has opened a door in the U.K. for us to preach Jesus, and we will do so. Whether it be from a rugby arena, a street corner, a farmer’s field, it doesn’t matter. God will make a way.”

Turkey’s Erdogan warns Europe to expect ‘millions’ of migrants after easing border restrictions

Turkey’s president warned Monday that Europe could expect “millions” of migrants and refugees after easing his country’s border-crossing restrictions.

Erdogan Opens the Gates: Syrian Migrants Granted Unhindered Passage to Europe; after Syria Escalation

Refugees headed towards European frontiers Friday after Turkey declared that borders had been thrown open, a response to the escalating war in Syria.

Conservative Lord to Boris: Stand Up to ‘Militant Transgender Fascist Lobby’

Conservatives have urged Boris Johnson to “stand up to the small, militant, transgender fascist lobby” & for the rights of 32 million women and their safety

Austrian Parliament condemns BDS movement as antisemitic

Austria’s parliament unanimously passed a resolution Thursday condemning BDS as antisemitic, and urging that the anti-Israel movement not be supported.

1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds

In each of the countries polled, a representative sample of 1,000 adults was presented with 45 questions or statements about Jewish people and Israel.

Top Spanish Diplomat ‘Horrified’ at Anti-Semitic Holocaust-Themed Carnival Parade

Spain’s foreign minister condemns carnival featuring gun-toting Nazis, lines of dancing Jewish victims after Israeli ambassador expressed outrage.

Israel Issues Travel Warning for Italy, Weighing Quarantine for Returnees

Israel on Monday issued a travel advisory for Italy, after cases of the Coronavirus surged in the country leaving +50,000 people in lockdown.

Italy Shutting Down as Coronavirus Cases Surge; Over 50,000 people in Lockdown

Italy's alarmingly fast spread of the coronavirus has shut down parts of the country, locking down +50,000 people; Classified largest outbreak beyond Asia

Anti-Semitic Belgium parade features costumes of Jews with insect bodies

A Belgium Parade adopts anti-Jewish tropes, mock ultra-Orthodox garb, don hooked noses; "Protesting" backlash for Anti-Semitism the previous year.

Finland Politician Under Criminal Investigation for Tweeting Scripture

Finland’s prosecutor general opened a criminal investigation into a member of parliament for posting a Bible passage on Twitter condemning homosexuality.

German shooter reportedly wanted to ‘eliminate’ Israel, other Mideast countries

The shooter who murdered 10 in Germany on Wednesday was an extremist who reportedly said he wanted to exterminate people from Asia, North Africa & Israel.

UK school textbook asks how creation of Israel was cause of 9/11 attacks

UK textbook (currently in use) asks how the 9/11 terrorist attacks perpetrated by al-Qaeda could be connected to the establishment of the State of Israel.

Eight Killed in Multi-location shooting in Germany

At least 8 people shot dead in the German city of Hanau Wednesday night; perpetrators opening fire killing 3, changing location to kill additional 5

Britain’s Floods Have Nothing to Do With Climate Change

Storm Dennis's aftermath has left Britain with massive flooding; The government is quick to blame climate change, but are environmentalists really to blame?

London Bloodbath: 15-Year-Old Boy and Two Others Stabbed Within 90 Minutes of Each Other

3 people are in life-threatening condition, including a 15-year-old boy, after a series of stabbings took place within the span of 90 minutes across London.

Germany backs Israel at International Criminal Court

Germany says the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction to investigate alleged Israeli "war crimes" in PA-assigned areas.

UK Parliament Members Raise Religious Freedom, Free Speech Concerns Over Graham Tour Venue Cancellations

House of Commons Leader argued before Parliament that the “no-platforming” of Franklin Graham may be violating UK religious freedom & freedom of speech laws

Hurricane-force winds pound UK & Europe, upend travel as Storm Ciara strikes

Storm Ciara battered the UK, Europe with hurricane-force winds & heavy rains Sunday, halting flights & trains, producing heaving seas that closed ports

Record high antisemitic incidents recorded in UK in 2019 – Report

The UK witnessed an annual record for antisemitic incidents in 2019, making it the fourth consecutive year that the record has been broken.

EU warns it will challenge Israel if gov’t pushes forward with annexation plans

The EU warned that the alliance would not let any Israeli steps aimed at annexing territories "pass unchallenged" in an apparent jab at Trump peace plan.

UK: Shots Fired as London Police take out Knife Attacker

Police shoot dead terrorist feared to be wearing a suicide vest after he grabs knife from a shop, stabbing 2 during brutal high-street rampage in London

Belgian police shoot ‘knifeman’ who stabbed two – just minutes after terror attack in London

Belgium Police shoot a man who witnesses said attacked 2 people with a knife; Suspect reportedly hit in the hand by officers in Ghent during the incident.

United Kingdom Officially Departs from the European Union; Transitional Period Ahead

January 31, 2020, marks the UK’s official departure from the EU; There will be a transition period ahead; The push for Brexit has lasted nearly four years.

UN envoy, Macron condemns breaches of pledge to end foreign meddling by Turkey in Libya Conflict

A UN envoy charged Thursday that foreign actors continue to meddle in Libya's conflict, resupplying the parties to the conflict in violation of recent international commitments.

Franklin Graham: UK Venue Discriminates Against Christians

Franklin Graham responds after venue cancels contract to host his UK Tour claiming Graham's appearance may incite hate and pose risk to LGBT community.

Germany warns of ‘mass exit’ of Jews if anti-Semitism persists

Insults and attacks against Jews have become ‘a daily occurrence,’ says Berlin’s foreign minister, calling for tougher action across Europe.

Anti-Semitic Writing Scrawled on Auschwitz survivor’s door in Italy reading, “Jew Here”, in German

“Juden Hier,” German for “Jew Here,” with Star of David was written in black paint on the door of now-deceased women who survived Nazi concentration camps.

40+ World Leaders Convene in Jerusalem for 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation; Netanyahu Gets Blunt on Iran

Over 40 world leaders or their officials have gathered in Jerusalem; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: There will not be another Holocaust.

11 dead and five Missing as Flooding Worsens in Spain

The storm that has left scenes of devastation in its wake is moving north into France but not before causing havoc in Spain’s northeastern corner.

Macron yells at Israeli security to leave French church during Jerusalem visit

French pres. loses his temper, says he ‘knows the rules’ at Church of St. Anne, a French territory; incident similar to dust-up with Jaques Chirac in 1996.

Netanyahu on Hezbollah ban: This is an important step

PM praises countries that declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization in context of anti-terrorism conference being held in Colombia.

Matteo Salvini Vows to Move Italy’s Embassy to Jerusalem if Elected Prime Minister

Conservative Italian frontrunner Matteo Salvini vows to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if he is elected; This would be accomplished by moving Italy’s embassy to Jerusalem; Salvini: Italy was too slow in adopting this international definition.

UK Adds Entire Hezbollah Movement to Terror Blacklist and Freezes its Assets

Israel and US welcome move and call on other nations to blacklist the Iran-backed Lebanese terror group; step follows British government decision last March.

Jerusalem deputy mayor to UK: Don’t fund anti-Israel Palestinian textbooks

The UK must stop funds for UNRWA unless it agrees to stop anti-Israel and antisemitic incitement in its schools, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum plans to tell the UK House of Lords on Wednesday.

Four hospitalized after antisemitic mob rampages through Uman

An armed mob stormed through the city of Uman, Ukraine over Shabbat, attacking Jews outside the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, Yeshiva World News reported.

Just 1,295 Days After the Referendum, Brexit Deal Finally Passes House of Commons

The EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill passed a vote in the House of Commons Thursday afternoon, three and a half years, three Prime Ministers, and three national elections after the British people voted to leave the European Union in June 2016.

Britain Backs Trump on Iran, Deploys Royal Navy to Persian Gulf

UK defends Trump admin. actions with Iran, saying the US is “entitled to defend itself” against Iranian aggression; Royal Navy deployed to the Persian Gulf.