April 8 2020
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Spanish Army Finds Bodies of Abandoned Coronavirus Victims in Nursing Homes

Spanish army disinfecting nursing homes found some residents living in squalor among the infectious bodies of people who died from the coronavirus.

President Affirms Life, Prison Reform, Religious Freedom at National Prayer Breakfast

Pres. Trump addressed the 68th National Prayer Breakfast discussing the sanctity of human life, prison reform and international religious freedom.

Franklin Graham: The Decline of Moral Decency was demonstrated in Super Bowl’s Halftime Show

Franklin Graham expressed his disappointment following the lewd halftime show featuring grossly provocative attire, children in cages, pole dancing.

President Proclaims National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Pres. Trump signed a proclamation marking today National Sanctity of Human Life Day on the 47th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade.

Pro-Life Group Launches Massive Campaign to Support President Trump, Activate Pro-Life Voters

A major pro-life organization has announced the largest campaign in history to turn out pro-life voters for a presidential election.

Pregnant Actress Celebrates Abortion During Golden Globes, ‘Thank God’ We Can Kill Babies

Urging women to act in their “own self-interest,” actress Michelle Williams thanked God for her “right to choose” abortion Sunday at the...