April 8 2020
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Millions of Americans say coronavirus a ‘wake-up call’ from God, Sign of the ‘Last Days’

A stunning 44% of Americans polled said they see coronavirus pandemic as “a wake-up call for us to turn back to faith in God,” as “signs of coming judgment"

Idaho Governor Signs Bills Stemming Tide of Transgender Ideology

Idaho Gov. Brad Little on Monday signed into law two bills that will help clamp down on the rise of gender ideology in his state.

Doctors Pray Inside as Christians Surround Hospitals to Pray Outside Against Coronavirus

People across the nation are coming together to pray for and support the health care workers who are risking their lives every day to serve the sick.

Why Blame Communists For The Wuhan Virus When You Can Blame Christians?

The left’s has been falling at the feet of Communist China (as its leaders cover up the truth), while at the same time dragging churchgoers into the mud.

READ: Trump’s Devastating Open Letter To Schumer: ‘I Never Knew How Bad A Senator You Are’

President Trump issued a devastating letter to Democrat NY Senator Chuck Schumer after Schumer issued a letter criticizing him earlier in the day.

‘This Is Evil’: MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Punches Back at Media Critics

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell hit back at criticism from CNN’s Jim Acosta and others regarding his remarks at Monday’s White House coronavirus briefing.

Trump Applauds Work of Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham During COVID-19 Press Briefing

President Trump on Tuesday warned Americans to be prepared for a very difficult road ahead as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

Abortions Continue as Massachusetts Hospitals Forbid “Non-Essential” Procedures

Amidst all this, some states are doubling down to make sure that abortions (i.e., the murder of babies) are done with a business-as-usual attitude.

De Blasio Threatens to Permanently Close Places of Worship that Resist Shutdown Order

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warned religious leaders that places of worship could be shut down permanently if they don't follow city's order to halt services.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell at White House: Use this Time to get Back in the Word, calls People to Pray

Mike Lindell spoke at the White House explaining what his company is doing to help during the coronavirus crisis, but he also had words of Biblical advice.

Twitter Forces Laura Ingraham to Delete Post on Chloroquine Helping Coronavirus Patients

Twitter forces Laura Ingraham to take down tweet reporting on news that the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine has been used to successfully treat coronavirus

Fending Off the Abortion Industry’s Lust for More Abortions During the COVID-19 Epidemic

The abortion industry is deceptively exploiting the Covid-19 Crisis in order to push forward their own agenda's. And it should disgust all Americans.

Lindsay Graham: Pelosi Comment on Trump is ‘Most Shameful, Disgusting Statement by Any Politician in Modern History’

Lindsey Graham Sunday railed against Speaker Pelosi after she said President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak was having deadly consequences.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Voices Support of One World Government

Former British PM calls for ‘temporary’ world government amid the battle against COVID-19; Brown: There has to be a coordinate global response…

Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide

President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential businesses.

Trump signs order authorizing Pentagon to call up former troops to help with coronavirus fight

President Trump signs executive order authorizing Pentagon to bring back former troops to active duty as part of ongoing response to the coronavirus crisis

AG William Barr Weighs Into Trans Suit: No, Biological Boys Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Compete Against Girls

AG Barr sides with preservation of single-sex girls sports, filing a statement in a lawsuit concerning trans biological males competing in girls’ sports

Coronavirus Restrictions Ramp Up US Abortion Debate

States are finding they can no longer skirt the abortion issue during the coronavirus as the argument between essential or nonessential re-ignites the issue

New York Times Blames Evangelical Christians for Coronavirus

The New York Times published an op-ed “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals” that blamed Christians for the coronavirus pandemic

Franklin Graham Commends MyPillow, Other US Companies Making Face Masks to Meet Coronavirus Shortages

As coronavirus cases start to overwhelm hospitals, US companies like MyPillow say they're starting to make face masks & other critical medical equipment

Silencing the Christian Church: Canadian Politicians Introduce Bill to Criminalize “Conversion” Therapy

Make no mistake, this Canadian Bill seeking to Criminalize "Conversion Therapy" is targeted to silence Churches & Christians. Canadians need to stand up.

Trump’s Daily Briefings Are Getting Huge Ratings — and Leftists Hate Them

The ratings for President Trump’s daily briefing are soaring with an average audience of 8.5 million on cable news alone, & leftists are getting apoplectic.

Franklin Graham to Gov. Cuomo: Protection of Human Life Should Apply from ‘Womb to Tomb’

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following the comments of NY Gov. Cuomo to point out that the protection of Life should apply from 'womb to tomb'

Christians Fear Threats to Religious Freedom in Coronavirus Crisis

Christian groups have expressed concerns that sweeping government actions to combat the spread of coronavirus endanger religious liberty.

Despite Dealing With Crisis, Trump Makes Time To Join 700 Pastors To Pray

On Friday, President Trump heard that Pence was about to join a conference call with 700 pastors and asked to join them so they could pray together.

House Stimulus Bill Attempted to Create a “Digital Dollar” To Send Virus-Aid To The ‘Unbanked’

Democrats in the House of Representatives attempted to add the phrase "digital dollar" to a coronavirus-related relief bill before it was scrubbed.

Mike Huckabee: Dems Exploiting a National Crisis To Push for Abortion Funding

While Trump is focused on halting the spread of the coronavirus, Democrats are sneakily exploiting the crisis in order to implement their ideological agenda

Professors Scared Online Lectures Will Be Shared by ‘Right-Wing Sites,’ to get them ‘in Trouble’ for Controversial Statements

Professors around the country are expressing concern that their recorded online lectures may be shared by students with conservative media outlets.

Pence Encourages American People to Continue ‘Chorus of Prayers’ over Coronavirus

While Trump admin. working around-the-clock to slow the spread of coronavirus in US, our nation’s leaders acknowledge power of prayer during times of crisis

Church Leaders in England, Italy Call for National Day of Prayer Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Church leaders in England, Italy have called Christians to participate in a National Day of Prayer Sunday March 22 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dems Angry Trans Surgeries Are Deemed Non-Essential As Hospitals Focus On Coronavirus

Vice reports trans individuals awaiting surgery are teetering on precipice of outrage after discovering hospitals consider such surgeries “non-essential”

Despite Coronavirus, Chinese Government Continues to Destroy Churches, Steal Crosses

With China forced to devote resources to contain COVID-19, you would think the communist gov. might lay off persecuting the Christian community. Sadly not

Abortion Activists Exploit Coronavirus to Push Sales of Dangerous Abortion Pills Online

Pro-abortion activists in Ireland seem to agree with Obama WH chief of staff who once cynically observed, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Bill Banning Transgender Changes to Birth Certificates Passes Idaho Legislature

Birth certificates in Idaho will continue to accurately record the sex of residents born there, according to a bill that just cleared the state legislature.

Girl Teaches Brother Bible Verse to Calm his Fear of Coronavirus; Rev. Graham Commends Mom

Franklin Graham took to Facebook after video came out showing a six-year-old girl calming her brother's fears by holding him and reciting 2 Timothy 1:7

Idaho Senate Approves Bill to Protect Women’s Sports from Transgender Athletes

Idaho Senate voted to approve Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which would ban biological males who identify as female from competing on girls athletic teams

Flying Toward the Storm: Samaritan’s Purse Sends Christians to Help in Italy Amid Coronavirus

As many are retreating, Samaritan's purse sending more volunteers to help in the midst of the Coronavirus providing much-needed help & hope to Italy.

Media Accuses Trump of Fake News over Google Screening Tool Claim: Here’s Why That’s Nonsense

CNN & other liberal media outlets are accusing the President of lying about a partnership with Google to develope national campain to test for Coronavirus

President Trump declares Sunday a National Day of Prayer Amid Coronavirus Crisis

President Trump declared this upcoming Sunday a National Day of Prayer, shortly after declaring a state of emergency amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Franklin Graham: Proud & Thankful that we have Leaders who know that our Help comes from God

Franklin Graham: proud & thankful that we have leaders who know that our help comes from God & aren’t ashamed to bend their knee or bow their head in prayer

Pelosi Reportedly Attempts to Sneak Abortion Funding into Coronavirus Relief Bill

Pelosi has come under heavy criticism for allegedly trying to include federal funding allowances for abortion services in the coronavirus stimulus package.

Pro-Life Swedish Midwife Loses Appeal at EU Human Rights Court

A Swedish midwife blacklisted in her home country for refusing to assist in abortions has lost a lengthy legal battle at the European Court of Human Rights.

Pro-life students praying at Planned Parenthood met with obscenity, Satan worship, & lewdness

Pro-Life college students denounced opposition to their prayer outside a Planned Parenthood facility, calling it "violent," "dark" & threatening.

Interactive TV Show Gives Iranian Christians a Voice

Through an interactive satellite TV program called “Signal,” members of the country’s underground church have the opportunity to share their stories.

Alabama Takes Major Step In Banning Hormone Blockers, Transgender Surgeries For Children

Republicans in Alabama approved a bill seeking to criminalize medical professionals prescribing or advising such drastic transgender medical intervention.

Mississippi House Considers Bill Banning Discriminatory Abortions

A bill banning discriminatory abortions on basis of race, sex or “genetic error” passed a Mississippi House committee & will soon be brought for full debate

Federal District Court Rules School District within Rights to Prohibit Coach from Praying after Games

Federal District Court rules in favor of School District’s rights to prohibit football coach Joe Kennedy from praying on the 50-yard line after games.

Denmark: 62 Percent of Young Somali Migrants Convicted by Age 30

Over half of all of the young migrant men from Somalia, Lebanon, and Morocco living in Denmark have been convicted of at least 1 crime before the age of 30.

Spokane, WA Passes Ordinance Letting Police Cite Pro-Life Protesters Who Are Too Loud

On Monday, the city council of Spokane, Washington, passed an ordinance permitting police to cite pro-life protesters who have been singing and praying outside a Spokane Planned Parenthood for violating noise restrictions.

Billy Graham Rapid Response, Samaritan’s Purse Sharing Hope with Tennessee Tornado Survivors

Billy Graham RRT has crisis-trained chaplains in TN providing God’s comfort & hope through Christ to those who are grieving following the deadly tornado.

Trump campaign sues CNN over ‘false and defamatory’ statements, seeks millions in damages

Pres. Trump’s campaign filed a libel lawsuit against CNN for publishing “false and defamatory” statements about seeking Russia’s help in the 2020 election.

W5 Airs Dishonest Attack against Pro-Trump Evangelicals; Mocking Rapture; Praising Disgraced Ex-Editor of Christianity Today

W5 releases disgraceful report targeting Pro-Trump Christians attempting to smear them as more "devoted" to President Donald Trump than the Word of God.