April 8 2020
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Israel Conducts Retaliatory Strikes after Gaza Fires Rocket at the Jewish State

IDF struck targets in Gaza Friday in response to the firing of a rocket sent into Israel, breaking a lull of violence amid the deadly coronavirus

Israel’s COGAT Delivers Thousands of Test Kits & Medical Supplies to the PA

COGAT delivers thousands of medical supplies to the Palestinians amid the battle to stop the spread of COVID-19 throughout the region

Blue & White Party Splits after Benny Gantz Joins Netanyahu Government, is Elected Knesset Speaker

In a dramatic turn of events, the Blue & White Party breaks up Thursday after Benny Gantz decides to enter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government

Netanyahu Warns of Total Lockdown as Coronavirus Infects 2,369 Israelis

If Israel doesn't see immediate improvement in coronavirus infection trend, then they will have no choice but to implement Total Lockdown, Netanyahu warned.

Israeli Defense Forces to Provide Care for the Elderly Amid Battle Against COVID-19

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entrusts the care of Israel’s older population to the Israeli Defense Forces amid the fight against COVID-19

Racist, Extremist Groups Encourage Targeting of Cops & Jews with COVID-19

The FBI issued a warning that individuals belonging to an extremist group blame Jews for virus spread, intend to target Jews & police with COVID-19

Palestinian News Outlet Refers to Israel as ‘More Dangerous than All of Nature’s Viruses’

Palestinian news outlet refers to Israeli policy as more dangerous than COVID-19 and accuses Israel of deliberately spreading the virus into PA territories

Riots Erupt After Police Limit Entrance to Temple Mount

Israel Police set up blockades around the Temple Mount and began limiting the entrance on Friday prompting riot clashes with the Arab population.

ICC Decision on Israel Delayed by Coronavirus Shutdown

The ICC’s decision about a full criminal probe of Israelis for 'war crimes' will likely be delayed by at least a month because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Netanyahu: As we fight coronavirus, Blue and White supports terrorists

PM Netanyahu slammed Blue & White Wednesday during an interview saying that “even in this time of a national emergency they continue to support terrorists.”

Israelis Not Allowed to Leave Their Homes Unless ‘Absolutely Necessary’

The government rolled out a new set of restrictions on the Israeli population Tuesday as the number of coronavirus patients increased to 337 at press time.

President Rivlin Gives Benny Gantz Mandate to Form Government

Benny Gantz officially receives a mandate to form a government from President Rivlin Monday receiving four weeks to build a coalition.

Plague of Locusts Set to Descend Upon Middle East at Passover – Jewish State to Remain Untouched

An ‘Extremely alarming’ plague of locusts swarms forming in Horn of Africa; set to desimate Africa and the Middle East — but will skip Holy Land

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Trial Delayed by over 2 Months as Court Activity Limited Over Virus

PM Netanyahu’s trial has been pushed off by more than 2 months due to new restrictions on Israel’s courts as part of new measures to combat the coronavirus

Blue and White’s Calamitous Week and Israel’s Political Forecast

Political Affairs: In stitching together such a government, Blue and White’s goal is merely to defenestrate Netanyahu from the Prime Minister’s Residence.

Netanyahu Calls for Emergency Unity Government to Combat Coronavirus

PM Netanyahu called on Blue & White leader Benny Gantz to join him in the establishment of an emergency unity government on Thursday to confront coronavirus.

Netanyahu: ‘We’ll put 10 billion into helping Israel’s economy weather coronavirus crisis’

PM Netanyahu on Wednesday afternoon announced a series of economic steps aimed at managing the impact coronavirus has on Israel's economy.

EU Pours Millions into Greece to Act as Border ‘Shield’ Against Escalating Migrant Crisis

EU pours hundreds of millions of euros into Greece as a “shield” against fresh migrant flows that could foreshadow a migrant crisis similar to that of 2015

Israel to Quarantine All Visitors for 14 Days Upon Arrival, Netanyahu to Re-evaluate in 2 Weeks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces that Israel will now require a 14-day quarantine period for all visitors

Canadian Arabic newspaper publishes article Praising Terrorism, accusing Jews of blood libel

An Arabic-language Canadian newspaper has published an article praising Palestinian terrorists and accusing Israel of burying prisoners alive and stealing their organs.

Israeli Election: Likud Culture Minister Accuses Gantz of Starting an ‘Attempted Coup’

Netanyahu accuses Gantz of seeking to undermine democracy, defy will of public after it emerged he seeks legislation to bar Bebe from serving as PM

Up to 100,000 Israelis in Isolation as Israel Expands Travellers Quarantine

With at least 50,000 Israelis in quarantine, the Health Ministry on Wednesday expanded its list of restrictive orders. Some reports stating as many as 100,000 Israels are currently in isolation.

Benjamin Netanyahu Defeats Gantz, but is Still Short a Majority

PM Netanyahu beats Benny Gantz in Israel's third election on Monday winning majority in the Knesset, according to exit polls on major television networks.

Terror Groups PIJ, Hamas Delegations Meet with Russian Leadership: Report

Gaza Terrorist organizations, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, reported gearing up to discuss 'risks of Trump peace plan' with Russian leadership in Moscow

Austrian Parliament condemns BDS movement as antisemitic

Austria’s parliament unanimously passed a resolution Thursday condemning BDS as antisemitic, and urging that the anti-Israel movement not be supported.

Israel seizes $4 million in Iranian terror money sent to Hamas

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday signed an order to seize $4 million transferred from Iran to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds

In each of the countries polled, a representative sample of 1,000 adults was presented with 45 questions or statements about Jewish people and Israel.

Top Spanish Diplomat ‘Horrified’ at Anti-Semitic Holocaust-Themed Carnival Parade

Spain’s foreign minister condemns carnival featuring gun-toting Nazis, lines of dancing Jewish victims after Israeli ambassador expressed outrage.

Deed on Montreal-area home contains clause preventing sale to Jewish People

It was discovered that a farmer in Canada included a clause refusing sale to Jewish people when he subdivided into lots, sold his property 60 years ago.

Netanyahu advances plans for 3,500 settler homes in West Bank’s E1

"We are building up Jerusalem and the outskirts of Jerusalem. I gave an immediate directive, to deposit plans to build 3500 housing units in E1," the prime minister said.

Bennett to ‘Post’: 95% chance of large Gaza military offensive in future

We will give one very last chance to the terrorists to maintain quiet. But I don’t believe them.. we are going to have to act; said Defense Minister Bennett

Woman Assaults Air Marshal, Threatens to Stab Everyone on Plane: ‘I’m Palestinian! That’s how we get down’

Woman arrested for assaulting Federal Air Marshal: 'I’m going to stab everyone on this plane. Then kill myself. I’m Palestinian! That’s how we get down'

Report Slams Palestinian Authority for Weaponizing Child Population; making them into Soldiers

The PA’s incitement in schools, TV broadcasts, active recruitment and payment to terrorists’ after-the-crime serves to weaponize its child population.

Anti-Semitic Belgium parade features costumes of Jews with insect bodies

A Belgium Parade adopts anti-Jewish tropes, mock ultra-Orthodox garb, don hooked noses; "Protesting" backlash for Anti-Semitism the previous year.

Anti-Semitic Media Outlet ‘TruNews’ Permanently banned from YouTube

TruNews, a not so "Christian" platform that regularly releases anti-Semitic videos, said on Thursday that it had been permanently banned from YouTube.

Netanyahu to ‘Post’: Democratic president can’t stop Trump plan

Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed confidence that even if a Democrat wins the American election, US Pres. Trump’s Mid-East peace plan will be implemented.

German shooter reportedly wanted to ‘eliminate’ Israel, other Mideast countries

The shooter who murdered 10 in Germany on Wednesday was an extremist who reportedly said he wanted to exterminate people from Asia, North Africa & Israel.

Palestinian woman tries to stab passers-by in suspected Jerusalem terror attack

A woman attempted to stab passers-by at a popular promenade in Jerusalem on Friday in a suspected terror attack, police and an ambulance service said.

UK school textbook asks how creation of Israel was cause of 9/11 attacks

UK textbook (currently in use) asks how the 9/11 terrorist attacks perpetrated by al-Qaeda could be connected to the establishment of the State of Israel.

Russian Lower Parliament Calls for Relaxing Rules on Racist Nazi symbols

Lower house votes to lift ban on public display of swastikas along with other logos, amendment still must be passed by senate, signed into law by Putin

Jordan condemns Israel’s plan to bring high-speed train to Western Wall

Jordan on Tuesday condemned an Israeli minister’s plan to extend the high-speed Tel Aviv-Jerusalem rail line to the Western Wall in the capital’s Old City.

IDF Foiled Hamas Attempt to Hack Soldiers’ Mobile Phones

The IDF foiled a 3rd Hamas network posing as young women on social networks to lure IDF soldiers in order to access information and intelligence on the army.

Third Israeli on quarantined cruise ship tests positive for coronavirus

A third Israeli aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, the Foreign Ministry says.

Security firm owner explains why their company is ‘proud’ to be on UN business blacklist

An Israeli business says they're proud to be on UN's blacklist of businesses operating over pre-1967 lines, as they provide vital protection for Israelis

Germany backs Israel at International Criminal Court

Germany says the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction to investigate alleged Israeli "war crimes" in PA-assigned areas.

Pompeo ‘Outraged’: UN Blacklist Shows its ‘Unrelenting Anti-Israeli Bias’

Pompeo slams UN Human Rights council Thursday for releasing list of companies operating in Israeli settlements; Pompeo said he is "outraged" by the decision

Israel Conducts Airstrikes on Iranian Targets Near Damascus – Report

Syrian air defenses downed several missiles coming across the Golan before they hit targets in the capital Damascus, Syrian state television said Thursday.

Defense official: Hamas agreed to halt rockets, balloons; Israel ends sanctions

Following weeks of unrest on the Gaza border, fresh ceasefire deal appears to have been struck, following intervention by Egypt, UN

Saudi crown prince won’t meet Netanyahu; says kingdom ‘stands firmly behind Palestine’

Following Israeli media reports PM seeking pre-election meeting with Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi FM says kingdom ‘stands firmly behind Palestine’

Israel Likely to Sign historic ‘Non-Aggression’ Agreement with Gulf States in the Near Future

Former Foreigner Minister of Qatar claims a non-aggression pact will soon be signed between Israel and the Gulf states; Morocco may also be included.

Iran warns Israel of ‘crushing response’ to any aggression

Iran will respond forcefully to any Israeli action against its interests in the region, the country’s Foreign Ministry warned Wednesday: Reports Reuters

United Nations Blacklists Companies with Ties to Israeli Settlements

The UN Wednesday published their blacklist of Israeli businesses that operate over the pre-1967 lines, in east Jerusalem, West Bank and Golan Heights.