April 9 2020


President Trump Invokes Defense Production Act Over Coronavirus Crisis

President Trump announced Wednesday at the White House he would invoke the Defense Production Act & he also said FEMA would be activated at level 1 disaster

ICC Decision on Israel Delayed by Coronavirus Shutdown

The ICC’s decision about a full criminal probe of Israelis for 'war crimes' will likely be delayed by at least a month because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Netanyahu: As we fight coronavirus, Blue and White supports terrorists

PM Netanyahu slammed Blue & White Wednesday during an interview saying that “even in this time of a national emergency they continue to support terrorists.”

Coronavirus Hits Terrorists Hardest from ISIS to Iran – Analysis

Amid all the chaos caused by the coronavirus tidal wave, it may also rid the world of many of its worst terrorists or at least freeze their activity.

L.A. Releases More Than 600 Inmates, Slashes Arrests To ‘Combat Coronavirus’

Some inmates in Los Angeles County jails are being released and far fewer bookings are occurring amid growing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Israelis Not Allowed to Leave Their Homes Unless ‘Absolutely Necessary’

The government rolled out a new set of restrictions on the Israeli population Tuesday as the number of coronavirus patients increased to 337 at press time.

Border Crisis: European Union Says Greece Must Let Migrants Claim Asylum

EU calls Greece to allow migrants asylum, despite its support for efforts to prevent Turkey from facilitating wave of illegal migration into Greece

Satellite Images Reveal Mass Graves Being Prepared in Iran Amid Coronavirus Death Toll

Newly released satellite images reveal Iran has been preparing mass graves for victims of the Coronavirus; The Regime accused of covering up real death toll

President Rivlin Gives Benny Gantz Mandate to Form Government

Benny Gantz officially receives a mandate to form a government from President Rivlin Monday receiving four weeks to build a coalition.

Canada Closes Borders to Non-Citizens Amid Cornovirus Crisis; with Exception to United States

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada would close its borders to non-citizens in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Plague of Locusts Set to Descend Upon Middle East at Passover – Jewish State to Remain Untouched

An ‘Extremely alarming’ plague of locusts swarms forming in Horn of Africa; set to desimate Africa and the Middle East — but will skip Holy Land

Media Accuses Trump of Fake News over Google Screening Tool Claim: Here’s Why That’s Nonsense

CNN & other liberal media outlets are accusing the President of lying about a partnership with Google to develope national campain to test for Coronavirus

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Trial Delayed by over 2 Months as Court Activity Limited Over Virus

PM Netanyahu’s trial has been pushed off by more than 2 months due to new restrictions on Israel’s courts as part of new measures to combat the coronavirus

American Life in Practical Standstill Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The surge of coronavirus cases throughout the United States and around the world has brought countries to a practical standstill.

Was Iranian IRGC General ‘Siamand Mashhadani’ killed in US airstrikes?

US airstrikes carried out in Iraq just after midnight on Friday may have killed an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps general.

Blue and White’s Calamitous Week and Israel’s Political Forecast

Political Affairs: In stitching together such a government, Blue and White’s goal is merely to defenestrate Netanyahu from the Prime Minister’s Residence.

Twenty-four hours in Iraq: How the US built its case for airstrikes

“Let me be clear: The U.S. will not tolerate attacks against our people, our interests or our allies," Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters Thursday.

President Trump Declares National Emergency over Coronavirus

President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak amid extensive disruptions to the economy and American life

Netanyahu Calls for Emergency Unity Government to Combat Coronavirus

PM Netanyahu called on Blue & White leader Benny Gantz to join him in the establishment of an emergency unity government on Thursday to confront coronavirus.

Pentagon Warns ‘All Options on the Table’ after Americans Killed in Iraq

Defense Sec. Mark Esper warned Thursday "all options are on the table" after rocket attack in Iraq kills 3 of US-led coalition force, including 2 Americans.

Trump Suspends All Travel from Europe to US Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump administration will suspend travel between European and the United States for 30 days as the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.

Netanyahu: ‘We’ll put 10 billion into helping Israel’s economy weather coronavirus crisis’

PM Netanyahu on Wednesday afternoon announced a series of economic steps aimed at managing the impact coronavirus has on Israel's economy.

Pro-life students praying at Planned Parenthood met with obscenity, Satan worship, & lewdness

Pro-Life college students denounced opposition to their prayer outside a Planned Parenthood facility, calling it "violent," "dark" & threatening.

Google Tells All 100,000 North American Employees to Work from Home

Tech giant Google has reportedly instructed all 100,000 of its North American employees to work from home due to the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus.

EU Pours Millions into Greece to Act as Border ‘Shield’ Against Escalating Migrant Crisis

EU pours hundreds of millions of euros into Greece as a “shield” against fresh migrant flows that could foreshadow a migrant crisis similar to that of 2015

World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Outbreak a Global Pandemic

Expressing increasing alarm about mounting infections, the World Health Organization declared Wednesday the global coronavirus crisis is now a pandemic.

Israel limits gatherings to 100 people as coronavirus cases climb to 97

Events & gatherings exceeding 100 attendees will be banned in the government’s latest measure to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus inside Israel.

Putin Backs Amendment Allowing him to Remain in Power

Russian Pres. Putin Tuesday backed a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow him to seek re-election after his current term ends in 2024.

2 More AIPAC Attendees Test Positive for Coronavirus, Bringing Total to 5

At least five people have tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from last week’s AIPAC policy conference, including attendees from Cleveland and Toronto.

Alabama Takes Major Step In Banning Hormone Blockers, Transgender Surgeries For Children

Republicans in Alabama approved a bill seeking to criminalize medical professionals prescribing or advising such drastic transgender medical intervention.

Mississippi House Considers Bill Banning Discriminatory Abortions

A bill banning discriminatory abortions on basis of race, sex or “genetic error” passed a Mississippi House committee & will soon be brought for full debate

Denmark: 62 Percent of Young Somali Migrants Convicted by Age 30

Over half of all of the young migrant men from Somalia, Lebanon, and Morocco living in Denmark have been convicted of at least 1 crime before the age of 30.

Italy’s virus death toll jumps to 366, second-highest after China

Italy on Sunday recorded the second-highest coronavirus toll in the world, reporting a sharp jump in deaths and overtaking South Korea on infections.