April 8 2020

Behold Israel

Behold Israel is a non-profit organization led by native Israeli Amir Tsarfati. Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate reporting on developments in Israel and the region. Amir’s live updates and teachings, based on God’s Written Word, sift out the truth on current events amidst global media bias against Israel.

US Oil Company in Iraq Targeted by Rockets; No Damage or Injuries Reported

Rockets target US oil company site in Iraq; This is the first time in nearly a year that US oil personnel have been targeted in southern Iraq.

Israel’s Mossad Collects Hundreds of Thousands of Coronavirus Test Kits

Israel’s Mossad said to be collecting hundreds of thousands of test kits from countries; The country or countries they were received from remain unknown

Iraq Suspends Major News Outlet for Three Months After Contradictory Report of COVID-19 Outbreak

Iraq has suspended Reuters for three months and fined them over $20,000 USD for what Iraq claims is a false and damaging report

Report: Iranian Parliament Speaker Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Reports indicate that Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani has tested positive for the coronavirus and he is now in self-quarantine

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Idaho; Felt in Surrounding States

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake surprises the region north of Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday evening; Reports show the quake was felt as far as Montana & Utah.

Gas Flow from Iran to Turkey Temporarily Stops After Explosion Occurs on Pipeline

An explosion occurred on a pipeline running from Iran to Turkey that has paused the flow of gas between the two countries.

Israeli & US F-35 Pilots Conduct ‘Enduring Lightning’ Over Southern Israel

Despite the global pandemic of COVID-19, F-35 pilots from Israel and the United States conducted a training exercise known as ‘Enduring Lightning’

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Voices Support of One World Government

Former British PM calls for ‘temporary’ world government amid the battle against COVID-19; Brown: There has to be a coordinate global response…

Israeli Defense Forces to Provide Care for the Elderly Amid Battle Against COVID-19

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entrusts the care of Israel’s older population to the Israeli Defense Forces amid the fight against COVID-19

Racist, Extremist Groups Encourage Targeting of Cops & Jews with COVID-19

The FBI issued a warning that individuals belonging to an extremist group blame Jews for virus spread, intend to target Jews & police with COVID-19

Palestinian News Outlet Refers to Israel as ‘More Dangerous than All of Nature’s Viruses’

Palestinian news outlet refers to Israeli policy as more dangerous than COVID-19 and accuses Israel of deliberately spreading the virus into PA territories

European Union Accuses Russia of Starting Misinformation Campaign

The European Union is accusing the Kremlin of starting a misinformation campaign regarding the effects of the coronavirus throughout Europe

EU Likely to Implement 30-Day Travel Ban in Attempt to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron announces a 30-day suspension on travel to the European Union (EU) in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19

Europe Becomes the Epicenter of Coronavirus Outbreaks, Passing China

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that Europe has become the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreaks, passing even the number of China.

An Unprecedented Number of Locusts Dominate Southern Iran

Reports from inside of Iran say that the number of locusts is seven-fold compared to that of 2019; The agricultural and economic ramifications are critical.

Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Reported to Have Contracted CoVid-19

Hezbollah’s leader is reported Tuesday to have contracted the coronavirus after meeting with a group of delegates from Iran.

Israel to Quarantine All Visitors for 14 Days Upon Arrival, Netanyahu to Re-evaluate in 2 Weeks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces that Israel will now require a 14-day quarantine period for all visitors

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force Commander Assassinated in Damascus

Quds Force Commander assassinated in southern Damascus on Friday; He was reportedly killed in close proximity to the IRGCC regional headquarters.

Turkish UAV Strike Kills 21 Syrian Soldiers in Idlib Prior to Ceasefire

Turkish UAV strike(s) destroy Syrian Howitzers, rockets launchers, killing 21 soldiers in Idlib, Syria; The strikes came after killing of 2 Turkish soldiers

Iran’s Enriched Uranium Inventory Now Five Times Beyond the 2015 Nuclear Deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported on Tuesday that Iran obtains five times more enriched uranium than the limit that was set in the 2015 Nuclear Deal

Israeli Researchers on the Brink of Providing a Vaccine for Coronavirus

Israeli researchers find breakthrough that could lead to a coronavirus vaccine; say it should be ready within months to help combat the virus.

Deputy Health Minister of Iran Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

Iran becomes serious concern in the mid-east amid their coronavirus outbreak; Reports showing Iran's deputy health minister tested positive for the virus

Saudi Air Defense System Stops an Array of Rockets from Houthis in Yemen

Houthis in Yemen fired several rockets into Saudi Arabia; Saudi's air defense system (Israeli-designed) intercepted the rockets headed towards civilians.

Israel Likely to Sign historic ‘Non-Aggression’ Agreement with Gulf States in the Near Future

Former Foreigner Minister of Qatar claims a non-aggression pact will soon be signed between Israel and the Gulf states; Morocco may also be included.

Unprecedented Number of Locusts Push Somalia to Declare National Emergency

An unprecedented number of locusts has caused Somalia to declare national emergency; UN says this is worst locust issue Eastern Africa has seen in 25 years

Leader of Al Qaeda Likely Killed in Yemen After US Airstrike Earlier in January

Reports indicate that the leader of Al Qaeda is ‘likely’ to have been killed as the result of a US airstrike earlier in January.

United Kingdom Officially Departs from the European Union; Transitional Period Ahead

January 31, 2020, marks the UK’s official departure from the EU; There will be a transition period ahead; The push for Brexit has lasted nearly four years.

Kremlin to Consider Changing Vladimir Putin’s Title from President to ‘Supreme Ruler’

Russia looking to change the President’s title to ‘Supreme Ruler’; following Putin’s proposal earlier in January to make other changes to government power

Israel & the White House Considering Suspension of all US Flights to China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Both Israel and the United States are considering an indefinite suspension of flights to China amid the Coronavirus outbreak; Israel to discuss barring entry for Chinese workers.

40+ World Leaders Convene in Jerusalem for 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation; Netanyahu Gets Blunt on Iran

Over 40 world leaders or their officials have gathered in Jerusalem; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: There will not be another Holocaust.

Approximately 120 US Congress Members Support Anti-Israel Islamic Organization with possible Terror Ties

Nearly 120 US Congress members express support for the anti-Israel organization CAIR; Connections exist between Radical Islamic groups & CAIR, such as Hamas

Matteo Salvini Vows to Move Italy’s Embassy to Jerusalem if Elected Prime Minister

Conservative Italian frontrunner Matteo Salvini vows to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if he is elected; This would be accomplished by moving Italy’s embassy to Jerusalem; Salvini: Italy was too slow in adopting this international definition.

Forbes Lists Three Israeli Products in Edition Noting Significant Military Developments of the Decade

Three Israeli products listed in a recent Forbes edition noting significant military developments of the decade; Stuxnet, TROPHY, and Iron Dome among those listed;

Minimum of 56 Iranians Left Dead in the Streets After Stampede at Soleimani’s Funeral

Estimates indicate that one million people attended Soleimani’s funeral during which a stampede left at least 56 people dead, with that number on the rise.

Khamenei Demands ‘Clear & Decisive Response’ to US Airstrike that Killed Soleimani

Reports indicate that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is demanding quick revenge; US State Department pushes for all US citizens to get out of Iraq as soon as possible

From Foes to Friends: Israel to Begin Flowing Gas to Egypt & Jordan

Israel’s ‘Leviathan’ begins production; Multibillion-dollar oil exports to Egypt & Jordan are expected in the coming weeks; Abu: Israel is now an energy powerhouse, able to supply all its energy needs and gaining energy independence.

Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Landslide Victory in Likud Primary as Israel Approaches 3rd Election

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wins the primary election with over 72% of the vote; Netanyahu: This is a huge victory! Thank you, Likud members, for your trust, support, and love!”

ISIS Murders 11 Christian Men in Nigeria in Response to Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Terrorists belonging to the Islamic State murder 11 Christian men in Nigeria; ISIS Soldier: This is a message to Christians all over the world.

Three Iranian-Backed Militia Killed in Israeli Strikes Near Damascus on Sunday

An Israeli airstrike near Damascus on Sunday night left three Iranian-backed militia dead; The airstrikes took place in the area of Set Zaynab, where Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other foreigners are often located; Advisor: Israeli attacks in the region will not go unanswered.

Protestors in Iraq Set Special Operations Unit Headquarters on Fire

Protestors in the Dhi Qar governorate area of southern Iraq set several buildings on fire on Saturday, including a Special Operations unit headquarters; Protestors in central Iraq were prevented from setting more buildings ablaze.

Trump Administration Implements Sanctions on Companies Involved In Construction of Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

These new sanctions directly impact companies involved in constructing the new pipeline that runs directly from Russia to Germany; Russia views this pipeline as a massive economic boost; Reports indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin is committed to taking drastic measures if necessary.

Germany’s Parliament Overwhelmingly Votes to Ban Hezbollah

Germany’s parliament passes a resolution that will outlaw the Iranian-backed terror group of Hezbollah; The resolution is reported to have passed with a large majority of votes with no one voting against it; Issacharoff: We welcome the important and significant resolution adopted today by the Bundestag.

Report: Erdogan is Allowing Hamas to Plan Attacks Against Israel From Istanbul

Reports indicate that Turkey has been allowing Hamas to plan terror attacks against Israel from Istanbul; These attacks include many failed attempts to assassinate Israeli officials; Erdogan: 'We will keep on supporting our brothers in Palestine.'

Turkish Naval Ships Escort Israeli Research Boat out of Cypriot Waters

An Israeli research boat is reported to have been escorted out of Cypriot (Waters within the territory of the island of Cyprus) waters by the Turkish Navy in the last two weeks; Israeli Official: The Turks are trying to establish themselves as the ones running the show in the region, and that is very worrying.

Israel’s Mossad Helps Denmark Prevent Massive Terror Attack

Approximately 20 Jihadists were arrested in Denmark after Israel’s Mossad provided critical intelligence regarding imminent terror attack(s); Reports indicate that these attacks were prevented within minutes of happening.

Russia Joins Iran & Turkey in Nur-Sultan to Condemn Israeli Strikes in Syria

For the first time ever, Russia has joined both Iran & Turkey in the Kazakhstan capital of Nur-Sultan for the Astana Summit; All three countries have signed an agreement condemning Israeli strikes inside of Syria.

Iran’s Largest Shipping Company & Airline Hit with New Sanctions by the United States

The United States is issuing new sanctions on Iran after evidence has surfaced of weapon smuggling; Reports indicate that these entities helped Tehran in their missile production; Pompeo: This decision will put the world on notice those who engage in illicit transactions with these companies will risk exposure to sanctions for themselves.

Jewish Student Attacked in Paris for Speaking Hebrew

Two suspects fled the scene after attacking 31-year-old Yogev B., a Jewish student at Paris Metro; They attacked him until he was nearly unconscious; Habib: The antisemitic attack was clearly motivated by hate of Israel alone.

Yemen’s Defense Minister Al-Atefi Vows Imminent Attack Against Israel

Yemeni Defense Minister Muhammad Nasser Al-Atefi is vowing ‘revenge’ on Israel; He claims that there are multiple Israeli military targets in view; Al-Atefi: We will not hesitate to attack them if the leadership decides to.

Czech Republic & Israel Sign Defense Deal Worth $125 Million

Israel & the Czech Republic have signed a military deal reported to be worth $125 million; The deal has a heavy emphasis on air-defense systems; Both countries will have a part in the production of these systems; Representative: Today, Israel and the Czech Republic are closing a historic circle.

United Nations Passes Five Anti-Israel Resolutions as they Turn a Blind Eye to Iranian Massacre

The United Nations remains silent as Iranian-backed militia continue to murder protestors in both Iran & Iraq; United Nations passes five resolutions against Israel

Iran’s Soleimani Heads to Baghdad After Resignation of Iraqi Prime Minister

The commander for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Qasem Soleimani, heads to Baghdad after the resignation of the Iraq Prime Minister; Soleimani was in Baghdad in October to help combat the protestors.